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In thousands of days around the world in the most remote places and fishing paradises, I've learn a lot of things; may be the most important one is that our selection of rod is the first step in the success of our trip. In this section I will show you which rods to bring, how many pieces, air lines regulation and much more.


One day I was with a good friend that usually comes to fish with me in Patagonia and in a lot of places more around the world and we started to count different spots to fish around us in our area; we became to write them and when we decided to stop we had over 300 different places.
As you can imagine in this such incredible quantity, you may find many different kind of waters, so, suggest you to bring one single rod is very difficult and you will be not able to cover the 100% range of fishing situations.

One single rod

However, if I would bring a single rod this will be:

  • 4-5 piece; because the flights I will be able to keep inside my luggage and even some times bring by hand, mainly in the Chilean domestic flights. Also multi-piece rods are easy to carry in the daily program and provides a little more stiffness actions.
  • 9,1 feet long; because you will be able to match almost all the conditions and types of waters.
  • #6 weight and, depending of your casting level, I will suggest you to overload one line weight number your rod, so use with a #7 weight.
  • Another aspect is the brand; please do not bring a low quality rod; you will be spending a lot of money and, most important, many time to get here and you need the best tool. I was fishing all around the world for over 40 years, different species and under all range of conditions and I can tell you that Sage is my favorite brand, in fact, you will see over 400 of them holding in the Lodge's walls.
  • Finally, I recommend you to bring more than one rod, just in case any accident happen you will be able to follow with another rod. In any way, I have a rod rental service (US 25 per day) and an small store with few models for sale (at the Sage published price), and if you love rods and casting, or you are simply thinking in which kind of rod and action will be the best for you, we will have the possibility of try and use many, many different actions and be sure I have the most recent rods Sage has been introducing and may be others that are on a test system (Sage test their prototypes many time in advance under all range of conditions all around Earth)

So, you know that I love rods, casting and, of course Sage.


More than a single rod

If you decide to bring more than one rod, I can guarantee you will be very happy with this decision. Why? Because we will decide, depending what will be your expectations in this trip, in which kind of waters we will live our adventure, from an small creeks or lakes where we will be doing sight fishing using long and fine tippets for brown, rainbow and brook trout, where we will hunt for big numbers on dry flies, to fishing for king, silver, chum and Atlantic salmon on spey rods, passing through hunting for giant fish at dark with mouses, fish from float tubes, from boats and many other situations. Be sure we will be doing the kind of fishing you may prefer, and if you do not like to float a river, fish from a belly boat, fish for salmon or fish small or big streams, I have any alternative for do all the days your fishing dream.


My rod selection

If I should choose a selection of rods for a trip in Patagonia, I will use:

Rods Lengh Pieces Line Line I will use for this rod
389-4 8,9 4 or 5 3 2-3 floating
691-4 9,1 4 or 5 6 6 or 7 floating and 7 sink tip
696-4 9,6 4 or 5 6 6 or 7 floating and 7 sink tip
1090-4 9,0 4 or 5 10 10 floating and 11 sink tip
10150-4 15 4 or 5 10 11 floating and 11 sink tip

*Please see the section of fly lines and reels to complete the information.

All those rods can fit all together in a suitcase or in a rod tube for multi rods. I normally travel with a Sage Bag (roller bag) and in only one bag I can bring everything, but this is only an example.