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Reels are one of the most important parts of our equipment; please read carefully my recommendations in order to bring the right selection, types and drag power.


Which Reels you may bring?



Sage 4560CF



In many, many different fishing conditions, fly reels will be used only for keep the fly line.
This is directly related with the size of fish we will like to catch, size of fly, size of the water, weight rod and other small aspects.

I cannot imagine to play a giant tarpon, a big salmon or any other kind of large fish without a reel with a powerful brake, well, you never know, nothing is impossible in fly fishing, however, I am here to suggest you what to bring, so I will stay focus on that propose.
You and me will be fishing small chalk streams, lime stones and spring creeks, small dry flies, fine tippet diameters (6X-4X) sight fishing, yes, I know, it sounds amazing.




In those range of conditions we will able to use, mainly floating or intermediate fly lines, in sizes #2 to #4 (WF) so, we will need a large arbor reel (always) with an smooth brake, ready to fast runs or explosive strikes. Many times, we will find huge size trout feeding in those small waters, so, with a reel that will not have enough performance, we will be in a hard position.

As an example, I may suggest the Sage click series (from click 2 to click 4) & 4500 series (4540-4550)
When we decided to play with the big guys, we will in front of a huge amount of situations; floating and sinking fly lines, rivers and lakes of all sizes, long or short cast, fine or heavy tippets... for all of them we need to be ready and our reel will be the first step: is necessary your reel will be large arbor, enough backing capacity with no more than 50 yards but mount 30-40 Lbs. Backing, and be sure you tie all the knots in the right way: bimini, braided loops, etc. (check knot section for more details) Should have a fast adjustable brake, powerful and very smooth, ready for a heavy fish running as a devil... I may suggest you the type like the Sage 4800- 3800 to 2000 series.

On those reels we will load a floating fly line #6-#7 and a sinking or sink tip fly line #7-#8.
If you want to go for the king salmon or you want to spey for trout or salmon, you should bring your regular spey reel with #7-#8 for trout and #10-#12 fro salmon, mainly king and chum.




So, I may suggest you to bring:

  • 1 Reel large arbor, disc drag or similar, for #2-#4 WF floating fly lines.
  • 1 Reel large arbor, with strong and smooth brake, for #6-#7 WF floating fly line.
    (Bring one extra reel like that just in case you break one; in any way I will bring extra reels and rods just for anything may happen)
  • 1 Spool for this last reel; for be used with a #7-#8 WF sinking or sink tip fly line.

*If you want to spey, bring your spey reel with the fly lines I've mentioned you before.